EPICS Codeathon 2021



The EPICS Collaboration will hold an online Codeathon and Documentathon 2021-03-08 - 12 using Zoom and GitHub. There will be a variety of projects for participants to work on, accommodating a range of technical skills and experience.

Activities will include writing software to add new features or address bugs, creating and improving documentation, and reviewing changes in software and documentation.

We expect to have participants across many timezones so there will likely be activity around the clock. We encourage you to set aside time during the week to join and contribute to the EPICS Collaboration.
Additional details are available at: https://epics.anl.gov/meetings/codeathon-21/index.php

Registered participants will receive an email with a link to the Zoom meeting.

  • Alvin Acerbo
  • Andrew Johnson
  • Basil Aljamal
  • Bhargavi Krishna
  • Chris Krzysztof Lazarski
  • Daniel Cuneo
  • Dirk Zimoch
  • Dominic Oram
  • Enrique Bernal Ruiz
  • Evan Daykin
  • Felix Kraemer
  • Freddie Akeroyd
  • Fredrik Söderberg
  • Gabriel Fedel
  • Gedare Bloom
  • Genie Jhang
  • Georg Weiss
  • Hawi Stecher
  • Heinz Junkes
  • Henrik Carling
  • Hugo Slepicka
  • Ignacio Arriagada
  • Jack Harper
  • Jesus Vasquez Stanescu
  • Joao Paulo Martins
  • Jure Varlec
  • Kathryn Baker
  • kunal shroff
  • Marcio Donadio
  • Mark Rivers
  • Martin Konrad
  • Matthew Pearson
  • Michael Davidsaver
  • Najm us Saqib
  • Oksana Ivashkevych
  • Ralph Lange
  • Rebecca Williams
  • Ricardo Cardenes
  • Roy Ignacia Guerra
  • Sergio Troncoso
  • Shefali Saxena
  • Simon Rose
  • Steven Hartman
  • Susanne Regnell
  • Tanvi Ashwarya
  • Tieyan Chang
  • Till Straumann
  • Tim Gaggstatter
  • Timo Korhonen
  • Torsten Bögershausen
  • Vijay Banerjee
  • Will Rogers
  • Ying-Pin Chen
  • Yu-Sheng Chen
  • Ziga Oven
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