EPICS Documentathon and Codeathon Summer 2023



The EPICS Collaboration will hold an online Documentathon and Codeathon at the European Spallation Source, from 2023-08-28 to 2023-09-01. This time the focus of the event is working on EPICS documentation, in particular the documentation infrastructure and conventions. Please take a look at the attached writeup to get an impression about the goals for the week.

There will also be a group working on CS-Studio coding and documentation.

Other areas are of course not excluded if there is interest.

This time there will be no IOC core projects prepared by the organisers, so participants who are interested in that area of coding are kindly requested to select and prepare projects for themselves beforehand. 

The participant number is rather small so please contact the organisers concerning accommodations. There are some hotels with easy access to ESS nearby.

Lunch will be available in our on-site restaurant, the Kitchen Club.

  • Abigail Alexander
  • Christopher Guerrero
  • Doug Murray
  • Douglas McNanney
  • Gabriel Fedel
  • Henrique Silva
  • Joao Paulo Martins
  • Katy SAINTIN
  • Kunal Shroff
  • Lilith Cole
  • Mateusz Nabywaniec
  • Najm Us Saqib
  • Ralph Lange
  • Ronaldo Mercado
  • Rémi Nicole
  • Simon Rose
  • Stéphane Tzvetkov
  • Timo Korhonen
  • Torsten Bögershausen
  • Tynan Ford