AD Seminars

AD Seminar: J-PARC MR beam monitor system

by Prof. Kenichirou Satou (J-PARC)

Tycho (ESS)




We are implementing an upgrade plan to increase beam power of J-PARC Main Ring shynchrotron (MR). The MR will supply a high-intensity proton beam of 1.3 MW to the neutrino experimental facility by shortening the operating cycle from 2.48 seconds to 1.3 seconds and accelerating 8 bunches of protons with a designed intensity of 4E13 ppb to 30 GeV.

At the seminar, I will present the beam diagnostic system for the MR, and also report on the upgrade of the BPM data acquisition system that is being implemented as part of the MR upgrade plan.


The meeting was also streamed via Zoom