May 22 – 27, 2016
Europe/Stockholm timezone

ITER XML Framework for EPICS Configuration

May 26, 2016, 10:45 AM
Medicon Village Auditorium (Lund)

Medicon Village Auditorium


Tunavägen 24 Lund


Mr Denis Stepanov (ITER Organization)


Regular EPICS IOCs are configured using text files (database files, substitution files, ..). In the effort of standardization of controls development for ITER some of these files were re-expressed with XML equivalents. Areas of interest covered hardware description files (notably for I/O boards), EPICS device support, EPICS templates mechanism, PV definitions. Non-ITER specific XML schema for EPICS (XSD) was equally developed. The obtained files are not used to configure IOCs directly, but to provide site-wide static EPICS configuration for ITER controls configuration tools (SDD), as well as to export and exchange configuration data snapshots containing EPICS data. A similar approach is applied to other domains, such as CS-Studio configuration. This unified approach to describe controllers’ static configuration in XML allows for some benefits, such as cross-checking for data consistency between various tools, or easy configuration data conversion between tools. This contribution will show how XML descriptions for EPICS are used in the scope of ITER controls development.

Primary author

Mr Denis Stepanov (ITER Organization)


Ms Lana Abadie (ITER Organization)

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