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Episode 4: “ATTRACT - the deployment of a co-innovation European ecosystem of breakthrough detection and imaging technologies for scientific and commercial uses”


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Developing breakthrough technologies for science and society

Why is there no European Google or Amazon? Why have some of Europe’s hottest start-ups, such as Sweden’s Spotify, moved to Silicon Valley? It is not for lack of great technology or breakthrough science. It is because the mechanism for scaling up promising ventures to global markets is simply not working.

Many technologies leading to breakthrough innovations with a big impact on people’s lives stem from fundamental research. ATTRACT is a pioneering initiative bringing together Europe’s fundamental research and industrial communities to lead the next generation of detection and imaging technologies.

For the first time, a consortium of big research organisations – that build and operate telescopes, particle accelerators and other capital-intensive scientific instruments – will be explicitly leveraged to capture value and create jobs and growth. For this, ATTRACT will enlist large companies, experienced venture capitalists, and individual investors alike.

The session will be led by Markus Nordberg, Head of Resources Development of the Development and Innovation Unit at CERN, together with Pablo Garcia Tello, Section Head of the CERN EU Office, developing new EU funded projects and initiatives. Together, they coordinate the ATTRACT project.

Join us on Thursday 29 April between 15:00 and 15:30 CEST.

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