Oct 10 – 12, 2022
European Spallation Source ERIC
Europe/Stockholm timezone

The Commissioning Workshop of ESS-J-PARC collaboration

1. Abstract

ESS is planning first neutron production (BOT: beam on target) in late 2024. ESS is unique among the existing spallation sources being the first long pulse source, having a design power of 5MW, and having a rotating target. The long pulse requires, in many cases, having a pulse shaping chopper as close to the source as possible. Furthermore, in order to accommodate the maximum number of instruments, the beamports have a narrow separation of 5 to 6 degrees. As a result ESS does not have heavy beamport shutters in the target monolith. Instead, there is a common shielding bunker placed outside that houses the first 6 to 20 m of each instrument. Very long instruments, at around 150 m source-to-sample, enable good resolution at high flux and peak brightness. The construction of ESS is proceeding well, however, commissioning and operation of the facility will be a coming challenge.

On the other hand, the world leading spallation source J-PARC had BOT in 2008. Since then, the proton power has been ramped up to more than 0.8 MW close to the final goal of 1MW, and it is achieving a stable operation to create cutting-edge scientific outputs.

Since the most of ESS staff have not had an experience of commissioning, it is extremely useful for ESS to study the lessons learnt at J-PARC, although the source design is quite different. It is also true for young staff of J-PARC, who joined after the commissioning period. Hence, the two parties have agreed to organize a commissioning workshop to present the experience at J-PARC and discuss the commissioning scheme of ESS under planning.

Workshop date: 10th and 11th October
Workshop venue: ESS in Lund with Zoom capability

Organizing committee:

ESS: Adreas Jansson (Acc), Lali Tchelidze (Acc), Jaime Arriagada (TD), Andrew Jackson (NSS), Robin Woracek (NSS), Thomas Hansson (ESH), Timo Korhonen (ICS), Hector Novella (ICS), M. Arai (Chair), Carolin Lyons (DG Office)

J-PARC: Toshiya Otomo (MLF, Co-Chair), Makoto Teshigawara (MLF), Asami Sano (MLF), Maiko Kofu (MLF), Hidetomo Oguri (Acc), Yoshimi Kasugai (RAD), Kotaro Bessho (RAD)

2. Workshop Scope

2-1 Subject;

The workshop will involve discussion of commissioning the facilities in the following areas:

1) Accelerator, 2) Target, 3) Instrument, 4) Controls, and 5) Safety

2-2 What extent of commissioning;

Commissioning activities span several phases of construction and operations:

1) Cold- commissioning, 2) Hot- Commissioning, 3) licensing and survey on commissioning, 4) Risk analysis and readiness, 5) Initial operation

2-3 Workshop format;

The workshop is a restricted open workshop for ESS including in-kind partners and J-PARC staff with a hybrid format of in-person and Zoom.

2-4 Workshop program; (to be updated)

1) On the 1st day:

Plenary presentations on:

1) General, 2) Accelerator, 3) Target, 4) Instrument, 5) Control, 6) Safety, 7) Integration of commissioning.

2) On the 2nd day:

Break-out meetings organized by each group, Acc, TD and NSS, in which ICS and ESH are embedded.

3. Report
We will publish a report of the workshop.

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