Science Day 2023




Science Day is an internal one-day workshop for scientists working at or associated with ESS.

This workshop lets us dive into our scientific endeavors for a day, in contrast to the everyday ESS project development. Bringing together our PhD students, postdocs, advisors and scientists, it is a part of the activities of the ESS Science Focus Teams.

Venue: Råbylunds Gård, Prästavägen 12, 224 78 Lund

    • Welcome coffee
    • Giovanna Fragneto: Welcome and introduction
    • Matteo Busi: Advanced Neutron Imaging Methods for Material Science
    • Mickey Sejerup Pedersen: Neutron Diffraction & Solid State NMR Studies of the Magnetically Frustrated Atacamite Family
    • 10:20 AM
    • James Doutch: Lipid Nanomedicines and SANS at ISIS – novel methods for structure generation and new sample environments
    • Damian Paliwoda: High Pressure Research and Sample Environment at the European Spallation Source
    • Fredrik Eriksson: Introduction to the ESS library
    • 12:00 PM
    • Prof. Germán Salazar Alvarez: Electrochemical cell for simultaneous diffraction and PDF and X-ray operando characterisation of batteries based on iron oxide nanoparticles
    • Emma Lenander: Magnetic frustration on the Cairo pentagonal lattice; Bi2Fe4O9
    • Sophie Ayscough: Using Yeast Phospholipid Extracts in Planar Membrane Mimics to Investigate Mitochondrial Cell Death
    • Magnus Neikter: Metal Additive Manufacturing
    • 2:30 PM
    • Ryoji Kiyanagi: SENJU, a neutron single crystal diffractometer at J-PARC, current status and sciences
    • Alex Backs: Imaging Macroscopic Magnetic Domains with Polarized Neutrons