AD Seminars

AD Seminar - A Gas Jet-based Beam Monitor for Proton and Heavy Ion Beams

by Dr Carsten Welsch (University of Liverpool)

B01 - Tycho (ESS)

B01 - Tycho


A novel beam gas curtain (BGC) monitor was installed in the Large Hadron Collider as part of CERN’s High Luminosity LHC upgrade during the 2022 year-end technical stop. This monitor utilizes a supersonic neon beam shaped into a thin curtain that crosses the primary LHC beam with an angle of 45 degrees. By observing the fluorescence generated due to this interaction, one can measure the 2-dimensional profile of the circulating beam minimum-invasively. The BGC successfully measured the profile of the proton and lead ion beams during the 2023 run. 

This presentation will discuss the functioning principle of the monitor, the first profile measurements of the LHC's proton and lead ion beams, as well as potential applications beyond the LHC with a focus on the ESS environment. 
Coffee and cookies will be served ahead of the event.
The seminar was streamed via Zoom as well