Kick-off meeting In-kind work Alarms and Logbook.

Lilla Tuna (ESS)

Lilla Tuna



Presentation of the In-kind partner and projects for Alarms and Logbook from 2016-10-15 to 2017-04-15. In short the two procject includes : 

  • Write an ESS specific alarms philosophy
  • Conduct an alarms survey at ESS and SNS
  • Identify development needs for alarm tools
  • Collect and write requirements for an electronic logbook
  • Select software for electronic logbook
  • Identify development needs for electronic logbook 

The scope of the meeting is to inform the ESS stakeholders and involved personnel about these two project and also to establish contact between the inkind partner Institute for Energy Technology (IFE) and stakeholders and interested parties at ESS.