May 15 – 17, 2017
Oxford Spires Hotel
Europe/Stockholm timezone

Deuteration for Neutron Scattering – DEUNET Workshop Overview

Deuteration underpins the ability of neutron scattering techniques to elucidate the structure and dynamics of complex multicomponent materials that are typical in soft condensed matter and life sciences.  With a wide range of advanced neutron facilities and instruments either in place or under development across Europe, it is of crucial importance that a strong emphasis is also placed on preparing deuterated samples that will maximise the quality and impact of current and future research. This workshop, organized jointly by the STFC Deuteration facility and the DEUNET European chemical deuteration network, brings together the user community with existing and developing deuteration laboratories to present recent advances in soft matter and life sciences and to discuss the needs to development of new methods, materials and deuteration services to fully leverage the investments made in neutron instrumentation in Europe.

The workshop will consist of a series of talks by user groups presenting their science using deuteration and neutrons, as well as presentation of the current capabilities and work done at the participating deuteration laboratories.

The workshop will collect valuable input from the user community on current and future deuteration needs for the DEUNET collaboration funded by the SINE2020 project ( Read more about the DEUNET at


Confirmed Speakers:

Jeff Penfold - Oxford University, ISIS
Karen Edler - Bath University
Adrian Rennie - Uppsala University
Robert Richardson - Bristol University

Michael Gradzielski - TU Berlin
Henrich Frielinghaus - FZJ 
Reidar Lund - Oslo University
Peixun Li  - STFC 
Luke Clifton - STFC
Giovanna Fragneto - ILL
Rachel Morrison - ILL
Anna Leung - ESS
Zoe Fisher - ESS
Wolfgang Knecht - Lund University
Jürgen Allgaier - FZJ
Andreas Raba - FZJ
Tamim Darwish - ANSTO
Stuart Clarke - Cambridge University
Daniel Bowron - STFC
Maikel Rheinstädter - McMaster University 
Robin Delhom - ILL 
Jeremy Lakey - Newcastle University

David Barlow - Kings College London
Nathan Zaccai - Cambridge University
Søren Røi Mitdgaard - University of Copenhagen
Ralf Biehl - FZJ 
Paul Burn - University of Queensland
Julian Oberdisse - Montpellier University
Hanna Wacklin - ESS
Francesca Baldelli Bombelli - Politecnico di Milano
Emma Sparr - Lund University
Thomas Hellweg - Bielefeldt University


Organising Committee:

Peixun Li, Marek Jura, John Webster STFC

Giovanna Fragneto ILL

Juergen Allgaier FZJ

Hanna Wacklin ESS

Oxford Spires Hotel
Abingdon Rd Oxford OX1 4PS UK