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ENRIITC your Knowledge - The first series is ready to go!

We are pleased to announce the upcoming start of ENRIITC your Knowledge, a series of online training and organisational webinars targeted to experts involved in setting up collaborations between Research Infrastructures and Industry, such as Industrial Liaison Officers (ILO) and Industry Contact Officers (ICO). The overall aim of this webinar series is to share knowledge, expertise, skills and best practices amongst ILOs and ICOs in order to improve performance and increase collaboration between industry and RIs.


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Webinar #2: “The basics of physical brokerage events for

first-time organisers"

Physical events bring together key representatives from research infrastructures and industry, but they can be quite challenging to organise. ILOs and ICOs setting up these events must plan them seamlessly to ensure that representatives from both industry and research infrastructures make the most out of their participation.             

In this 2nd ENRIITC your Knowledge webinar, experienced ILOs and ICOs from the ENRIITC project will lay out the key aspects, tools and processes to be considered when organising these physical events whose scope can vary between large face to face brokerage events and more thematic workshops, allowing less experienced ILOs and ICOs to learn about the key elements to ensure interaction between industry and research infrastructures.   

The appointed speakers for ENRIITC your Knowledge - webinar #2 are the following:

Jorge López                                      CDTI E.P.E, Aerospace Programe Manager Key aspects to the organisation of Big Science Business Forum 2022 as an example of a large-scale, face to face brokerage event.
Nikolaj Zangenberg DTI, Center Director Lessons learned during the organisation of BSBF2018 and other industry as a supplier event.
Caroline Boudou ILL, Industry Contact Officer Industry relations in the ESFRI domain of Social & Cultural Innovation.
Claudia Pfander EURO-BIOIMAGING Industry Board Coordinator Technical workshops: building business relationships through shared interests.
Ed Mitchell ESRF, Head of Business Development Office Call for organisation of brokerage events by ENRIITC associate members.

The webinar will take place on Thursday 10 June between 15:00 and 16:30 CEST.

To register to attend, click the "registration" tab in the menu on the left-hand side of this page. Please do not hesitate to contact us at enriitc@ess.eu if you have any questions.

Be ready to ENRIITC your Knowledge with us!


FOR ALL ENRIITC PROJECT ASSOCIATES: Please note that, by participating in this webinar or in one of the other two scheduled between May and June 2021, you will become an eligible ENRIITC your Industry Outreach candidate!


ENRIITC is funded by the European Union Framework Programme for Research and Innovation Horizon 2020, under grant agreement 871112.