CANSAS Resolution Workshop




In order to maximise the information extracted from SAS data, it is important to have a well characterized resolution function for the instrument and measurement conditions used. The combination of geometric (collimation, detection element size) and wavelength components in quadrature to produce a gaussian representation of the resolution at each Q value is well known, and widely used. However, there are a number of areas that have emerged where this representation does not adequately describe the measured data.

The Data Formats Working Group of canSAS is holding a workshop via video conference on the 25th and 26th March, 2021 to discuss SAXS/SANS resolution and in particular address the following points:

  • Resolution close to Q=0 / close to the beamstop
  • Effect on resolution of non-gaussian beam shapes / structure in the beam profile
  • Non-infinite slit geometries – e.g. VSANS

The workshop will address the questions by breaking them down into four areas:

  1. CALCULATE : Can we calculate these effects? First principles, approximations, simulations.
  2. MEASURE : How can we measure the resolution functions? Standard samples, measurement strategies.
  3. ANALYSE : How do we apply these resolution effects into our data analysis? What information is needed by analysis software? How do we determine what is appropriate usage of these effects?
  4. STORE : How can we represent the resolution functions and store the data in a manner that can be used for analysis?