Event Description

Episode 5: “What is innovation procurement and why is it important?”


This episode will be led by Mr. Stephan CORVERS, founder and owner of Corvers Commerical and Legal Affairs, and Dr. Ana Isabel (Anabel) PEIRÓ BAQUEDANO, legal procurement consultant at Corvers. It will take place on Thursday, 25 February 2021 from 15:00 - 15:30 CET


Stephan is a senior procurement expert with over 25 years of experience in European public procurement law and regularly gives various lectures at national and European level. Read more about Stephan here.

Anabel is a legal procurement consultant with extensive research experience at various universities in Europe, including Milan, Trento, Munich and Münster. Read more about Anabel here


During this session, Stephan and Anabel will introduce the topic of innovation procurement, explaining what it entails and when/how it is useful.


They will also introduce the Eafip step-by-step methodology that has been successfully implemented across Europe and is backed up by the European Commission. 


At the end of the session, they will open the floor up for a Q&A session with the audience. 


We hope that you will join us for this innovative and topical session! Please do not hesitate to contact us at enriitc@ess.eu if you have any questions. 


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