About Stephan CORVERS

Mr. Stephan CORVERS is a senior procurement expert with over 25 years of experience in European public procurement law and he is the founder and owner of Corvers Commercial and Legal Affairs. He has been working in the field of Innovation procurement since 2004. Furthermore, Stephan Corvers has founded the Corvers Chair on Innovation procurement vested at the University of Zaragoza (Spain) since January 2020.


He was cofounder of the Dutch Scientific association of Procurement Law in 1994 and is now member of the Advisory Board.

Stephan Corvers regularly publishes in the field of procurement law and regularly gives various lectures at national and European level. Furthermore, he is author of numerous publications on European Procurement and a frequent speaker at congresses. Stephan Corvers is an external expert of the European Commission in the field of innovation and tenders. Because of his expertise in the field of ICT tendering, Stephan Corvers was involved as external expert in a parliamentary research into ICT projects within the Dutch government that was commissioned by the House of Representatives in 2014. Since 2015, Stephan Corvers is the (Legal) Project Manager for the eafip initiative. Amongst others, since 2020, Stephan Corvers is of legal counsel on Innovation Procurement for the Dutch Air Traffic Control Organisation (LVNL).