About Ana Isabel (Anabel) PERIÓ BAQUEDANO

Dr. Ana Isabel (Anabel) PEIRÓ BAQUEDANO is a legal procurement consultant at Corvers with extensive research experience at various universities in Europe (including Milan, Trento, Munich and Münster). Previously she was a researcher and PhD candidate in administrative law at the University of Zaragoza.

She was involved as a researcher in the European Water PiPP project, a project under the European FP7 program on Innovation Oriented Public Procurement (IOPP) in the water sector. She was a member of the Technical Assistance on Public Procurement of Innovation research team funded the Aragón´s Health Institute and is a collaborator of the Spanish Public Procurement Observatory. She has several publications in the field of Public Procurement.

Since August 2019 Anabel has been involved in several innovation procurement projects that Corvers supports.