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Episode 5: “Innovation Impact of RIs through Supplier Relationships - a specific case of RIs' socio-economic impact”


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Big Science Organizations (BSOs) are increasingly important as influencers in innovation and business creation. The innovation impacts of BSOs are the anticipated result of enabling science (ESFR Roadmap 2018), which assumes that, on one hand, the scientific and technological advance of BSOs will diffuse new knowledge to society through innovation and, on the other hand, the demands of BSOs will push industrial suppliers to innovate. The buyer-supplier relationships related to BSOs’ public procurement make a critical contribution to creating these impacts. Yet, our current knowledge on how BSOs innovate in collaboration with industrial suppliers is limited, and a win-win situation between BSOs and industrial suppliers is generally lacking.


In this session, the speakers will give an overview on the European initiatives and approaches towards measuring Research Infrastructures’ (RIs) socio-economic impact, with an example of what ESS has done in the BrightnESS2 project. And then highlight the important innovation mechanisms around the relationships between RIs and suppliers, using evidence from ESS supplier survey and many years of experiences at BigScience.dk – the Danish Industrial Liaison Office for seven RIs in Europe.


The session will be led by Prof. Jason Li-Ying, Director of Research and Education at the Centre for Technology Entrepreneuership at DTU. He will be joined by Dr. Nikolaj Zangenberg, Director at DTI and Danish ILO for CERN & XFEL, and Dr. Søren Bang Korsholm, Senior Scientist at DTU and Danish ILO for F4E & ITER. It will take place on Thursday, 6 May from 15:00 to 15:30 CEST.


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