Feb 13 – 15, 2018
Hotel Novotel Massy Palaiseau & LLB in Saclay
Europe/Stockholm timezone

The IKON meetings are a regular forum centered around the design and construction of the ESS neutron instruments and their associated support facilities. By bringing together current and future partners, the meetings aim to provide an overview on the various activities and fertilise exchange that is vital to our success. Scientists from ESS member countries currently not engaged in in-kind activities but interested in joining are encouraged to participate.

IKON14 will be a collaboration meeting for building the ESS Neutron Scattering Systems. The meeting will start on Tuesday Morning with a plenary session at Hotel Novotel Massy. More details will be given shortly. IKON14 will end in the afternoon on Thursday, 15 November.

Hotel Novotel Massy Palaiseau & LLB in Saclay

IKON14 Organizing Committee

Michela Dell'Anno Boulton, ESS          Oliver Kirstein, ESS
William Halcrow, ISIS                           Arno Hiess, ESS
Wiebke Lohstroh, TUM                         Ken Andersen, ESS
Manuel Morgano, PSI                           Sofie Ossowski, ESS
Werner Schweika, FZJ                          Gábor László, ESS
Sylvain Desert, LLB                               Iain Sutton, ESS
Joseph LeBouffy, LLB                           Jonathan Taylor, ESS
Zsuzsa Helyes, ESS