Feb 13 – 15, 2018
Hotel Novotel Massy Palaiseau & LLB in Saclay
Europe/Stockholm timezone

CEA Tours

As part of the IKON14 programme there will be tours scheduled within CEA.
You need to decide whether you want to visit the Orphée Reactor OR Tamaris. No matter which one you choose you will be taken on a tour to see Sonate-IPHI.

You will need to indicate your choice during registration.

Please read through the below information on each tour and decide which tour you would like to attend.

Orphée Reactor

The tour will take you through the 14 MW Orphée nuclear reactor and the Instruments suite held by LLB, and located both in-pile and in the guide hall. The reactor will be off.

Limit: 2 groups of 100 people each


The tour will visit the hearthquake simulation lab equipped with large tables oscillating at various frequencies to test various structures resistance to earthquakes.

Limit 2 groups of 40 people each


Sonate/IPHI (and accelerators)

The tour will visit the IPHI accelerator which is the prototype of the ESS accelerator. IPHI is also used for the SONATE project of the French Compact Source.
During this tour you will also visit the IRFU which is in charge of the construction of accelerators worldwide, and its many steps of production.