Sep 8 – 12, 2019
Malmö, Sweden
Europe/Stockholm timezone

Picture Gallery

Conference Hall

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Indsutry Exhibition Hall

Indsutry Exhibition Hall

Faraday Cup Award Winner

Poster Session

Poster Session


IBIC 2019 Chair - Andreas Jansson

Andreas' first magic show

Mats Lindroos, Head of Accelerator Div. ESS


Proceeding Office

Johan Olander (ESS), ZhiChu Chen (SSRF), Volker Schaa (GSI), David Button (ANSTO), Renan Picoreti (LNLS), Anthoy Cuffe (JLAB)

IBIC 2019 LOC team - Inga Tejador (ESS), Natalia Milas (ESS), Mamad Eshraqi (ESS), Cyrille Thomas (ESS), Weiying Li (ESS), Garry Trahem (ESS), Åke Andersson (MAX IV lab)

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