ESS Ad-hoc Interface Advisory Committee meeting

4th & 5th October: ESS HQ (Linneasalen), 5th October: Lunch at construction site

4th & 5th October: ESS HQ (Linneasalen), 5th October: Lunch at construction site

Agenda ESS IAC meeting rev 3
IAC Recommendations
  • Tuesday, October 4
    • Transport from hotel Planetstaden to ESS HQ
    • Charge to IAC

      Speaker: M. Arai

      Charge to IAC
    • ESS organizational efforts to mitigate the interface issues: Change in the Project structure and assignment of the Project Manager. Bridging sub-projects and facilitating cross cutting interaction.

      Speaker: J. Haines

    • Quick summary of the overall concept / strategy for the monolith / bunker shielding, including shutters Overview of the system and ramping up scenario including accelerator power and installation of instruments.

      Speakers: E. Pitcher and S. Kennedy

    • Coffee
    • Coordination/strategy of shielding and beam line shield

      Speaker: P. Bentely

    • Beam extraction system and alignment

      • mechanical design
      • requirements including vacuum atmosphere and heating and cooling.
      • maintenance scheme: how to service in-monolith components

      Speakers: D. Martin Rodriguez and J. Koning

    • Lunch in Ljusgården, IAC and by invitation
    • Bunker I

      • Requirements
      • Neutronics design – this could include activation analysis
      • Preliminary Engineering

      Speakers: Z. Lazic and S. Ansell

      Presentation Stuart Ansell
      Presentation Zvonko Lazic
    • Bunker II

      • interfaces – to focus on bunker to CF and bunker to instruments
      • maintenance scenario after activation

      Speakers: Z. Lazic and I. Sutton

      Presentation Iain Sutton
      Presentation Zvonko Lazic
    • IAC Discussions
    • Transportation to Mat & Destillat, Kyrkogatan 17 for the IAC members
    • Dinner at Mat & Destillat, IAC and by invitation
  • Wednesday, October 5
    • Transport from hotel Planetstaden to ESS HQ
    • IAC Deliberation
    • Close out
    • Transport from ESS HQ to ESS Construction site
    • Lunch together with the TAC members
    • End of meeting and transportation to Lund Central Station