PaNOSC face-face meeting in Copenhagen

Hotel Kong Arthur Nørre Søgade 11 1370 Copenhagen
  • Andrea Manzi
  • Andy Gotz
  • Erwan Le Gall
  • Fabio Dall'Antonia
  • Giuseppe La Rocca
  • Jamie Hall
  • Jean-François Perrin
  • Jordi Bodera Sempere
  • Juncheng E
  • Nicoletta Carboni
  • Ornela De Giacomo
  • Patrick Fuhrmann
  • Paul Millar
  • Petra Aulin
  • Rudolf Dimper
  • Sophie Servan
  • Teodor Ivanoaica
  • Thomas Rod
  • Tobias Richter
  • Monday, November 29
    • Welcome & Meeting preparation

      Time reserved for the attendees to prepare together their content for the meeting (optional)

    • 12:00 PM

      We will have lunch in restaurant La Rocca (located next to Hotel Kong Arthur where we will have the meeting)

    • Work Packages update

      Plans for the last year of PaNOSC execution & main issue per attendee

    • Taxi to restaurant

      It will take approx. 45 mins if someone prefers to walk to the restaurant

    • 7:00 PM
      Address: Nicolai Eigtvedsgade 32, Christianshavn 1402 Copenhagen

  • Tuesday, November 30
    • 8:00 AM

      The breakfast is included in the conference and is served in the hotel where we also have the meeting

    • PaNOSC meeting second day
      • 19
        Periodic Report preparation
        Speaker: Sempere Bodera
      • 20
        Discuss issues about deliverables, outcomes, resources and sustainability

        Common work
        Potential changes of plans / reassignment of tasks between partners
        Sharing ideas to help

      • 10:15 AM
      • 21
        Discuss issues about deliverables, outcomes, resources and sustainability
    • 12:00 PM

      Restaurant La Rocca (next to Kong Arthur)