ESS - J-PARC Workshop

Lund Sweden

Lund Sweden

ESS site - Odarslövsvägen 113 Lund ESS office - Tunavägen 24 Lund

 ESS and J-PARC officially started collaboration since 2012, and the Memorandum of Collaboration (MOC) was renewed last year to strengthen further collaboration between the two world leading neutron facilities in front of two Prime Ministers, Shinzo Abe and Stefan Löfven. J-PARC started her operation since 2008 and has experiences to operate, maintain and develop to achieve 1MW capability. On the other hand, ESS is challenging an unprecedented competence with cutting edge technologies. Therefore, it is quite fruitful for both two facilities to exchange technical information and experiences, and we are organizing a two-day workshop with participation of experts from two organization on 18th and 19th January.

 The workshop is essentially open to anybody who is interested in, but in order to have an intensive discussion and because of the size of the meeting room, we recommend to register here.

BR - Masatoshi Arai