3rd Beam Diagnostics Forum


3rd ESS Beam Diagnostics Forum

The 3rd ESS Beam Diagnostics Forum will take place at ICTP Adriatico Guesthouse, in Grignano (Trieste), on April 26th and 27th, 2017, organized by Elettra-Sincrotrone Trieste. Please register to the Forum at your earliest convenience, under "Registration" on the left hand side, but not later than April 3rd 2017. We also ask Elettra participants to register asap, for logistical reasons. Kindly enter your participation to the Social dinner, which will take place on Wednesday evening, April 26th in downtown Trieste, as we need to know the number of participants.

There will be a two day scientific programme, organized in morning and afternoon sessions, with complimentary meals. A free shuttle service to the Forum venue, from Trieste downtown, will be provided on both days (detailed info under "Travel info" on the left hand side). Please check under "Accommodation" on the left hand side for a list of downtown hotels and places to stay. NB that you need to book your room yourself, as we do not provide any accomodation service.

Looking forward to seeing you all in Trieste, Andreas, Abril, Roberta, Cristiana and Mario.


Location: ICTP Adriatico Guesthouse, Grignano - Trieste, Italy 
Date: 26-27 April 2017
Participation: By Invitation

  • Wednesday, April 26
    • Transfer from Trieste to Adriatico Guesthouse
    • 1
      The State of ESS Beam Instrumentation
      Speaker: Thomas Shea (European Spallation Source ESS AB)
    • 2
      Installation planning (video)
      Speaker: Dr Nick Gazis (ESS)
    • 3
      Beam Conditions during the Beam Commissioning
      Speaker: Dr Ryoichi Miyamoto (European Spallation Source ERIC)
    • Coffee Break
    • 4
      Experiecen from rack installation at XFEL
      Speaker: Mr Wojciech Wierba (Wojciech Wierba)
    • 5
      ICS update
      Speakers: Dr Jeong Han Lee (European Spallation Source ERIC), Simone Farina (European Spallation Source ERIC)
    • 6
      BCM update (video)
      Speaker: Dr Hooman Hassanzadegan (European Spallation Source ERIC)
    • 7
      BPM update (video)
      Speaker: Dr Stephen Molloy (European Spallation Source ERIC)
    • 8
      Experience with migration of BPM firmware from Struck L to KU
      Speaker: Maurizio Donna (European Spallation Source ERIC)
    • LUNCH
    • 9
      LWU BPM production status
      Speaker: Mrs Vilcins Silke (DESY)
    • 10
      icBLM status
      Speaker: Slava Grishin (European Spallation Source ERIC)
    • 11
      icBLM electronics testing at ESS
      Speaker: Clement Derrez (European Spallation Source)
    • 12
      Status of the nBLM project
      Speaker: Dr Laura Segui (CEA/Saclay)
    • Coffee Break
    • 13
      Diagnostics developments at ESS Bilbao (with Focus on BPM)
      Speaker: Seadat Varnasseri (essbilbao)
    • 14
      update on DTL BPM and BCM
      Speaker: marco poggi (infn-lnl)
    • 15
    • Transfer from Adriatico Guesthouse to Trieste
    • Social Dinner
  • Thursday, April 27
    • Transfer from Trieste to Adriatico Guesthouse
    • 16
      Optical system for the Target Imaging Systems
      Speaker: Håvard Gjersdal (ÅF)
    • 17
      Imaging System FPGA development
      Speakers: David Michael Bang-Hauge (University of Oslo), Rohne Ole (Olso Uni)
    • 18
      luminescent coating development
      Speaker: Thomas Shea (European Spallation Source ESS AB)
    • Coffee Break
    • 19
      ESS WS control system development status
      Speaker: Stefano Cleva
    • 20
      AFE and BE development upgrade
      Speaker: Mr Raffaele De Monte (Elettra)
    • 21
      WS OFE development upgrade with cabling overview
      Speaker: Dr Sandi Grulja (Elettra)
    • 22
      Standard for remote management of electronics
      Speaker: Hinko Kocevar (European Spallation Source ERIC)
    • 23
    • LUNCH
    • 24
      Space charge effects in IPM
      Speaker: Francesca Belloni (CEA Saclay)
    • Discussion, open issues new ideas
      • 25
        Measurement of 3ps bunches
        Speaker: marco poggi (infn-lnl)
    • Coffee Break
    • 26
      Time reserve
    • Transfer from Adriatico Guesthouse to Trieste