Accelerator Division Retreat Mtg (Lecture Hall at ESS AB, Lund)

Welcome to our yearly AD Retreat Mtg The Theme for this year's meeting is: A Walk down the LINAC In the agenda I have included the evening session as well. Don't forget that I need to know if you for some reason cannot attend dinner and the team building event. I will check that everybody is in the bus before leaving Lund. But of course we count on you for this special evening! NB to bring warm clothes, warm shoes and especially gloves. We will be outdoors for almost 2 hours. Sweden can be cold at this time of the year. The AD Retreat agenda is 1,5 days and finishes with lunch day 2. Regards Caroline
  • Monday, December 5
    • 9:00 AM 1:30 PM
      Acclerator Systems
      • 9:00 AM
        Welcome 20m
        Speaker: Mats Lindroos (ESS AB)
      • 9:20 AM
        ESS Movie 10m
        Speaker: Suzanne Gysin
      • 9:30 AM
        Physical Layout 15m
        Speaker: David McGinnis
      • 9:45 AM
        Front End 20m
        Speaker: Aurélien Ponton
      • 10:05 AM
        Superconducting Linac 15m
        Speaker: Mohammad Eshraqi
      • 10:20 AM
        COFFEE BREAK 20m
      • 10:40 AM
        Spokes 20m
        Speaker: Sébastien Bousson
      • 11:00 AM
        HEBT 15m
        Speaker: Søren Pape Møller
      • 11:15 AM
        Discussion 45m
      • 12:00 PM
        LUNCH at Kulturen 1h 30m
    • 1:30 PM 3:45 PM
      Integrated Systems
      • 1:30 PM
        Beam Instrumentation 15m
        Speaker: Lali Tschelidze
      • 1:45 PM
        Radio Frequency Systems 15m
        Speaker: Stephen Molloy
      • 2:00 PM
        Cryogenics 15m
        Speaker: Christine Darve
      • 2:15 PM
        Control System 15m
        Speaker: Miha Resçiç
      • 2:30 PM
        COFFEE BREAK 20m
      • 2:50 PM
        Managing Parameters 15m
        Speaker: Karin Rathsman
      • 3:05 PM
        Elliptical 15m
        Speaker: Guillaume Devanz
      • 3:20 PM
        Discussion 25m
    • 3:45 PM 11:30 PM
      Evening session
      • 3:45 PM
        Walk to the bus which waits outside the Cathedral 15m
      • 4:00 PM
        Bus ride to Falsterbo 1h
      • 5:00 PM
        Team Building Event - bring warm clothes and gloves 2h 30m
      • 7:30 PM
        DINNER at Norregård (Falsterbo) 3h 30m
      • 11:00 PM
        Bus ride back to Lund 30m
  • Tuesday, December 6
    • 9:00 AM 9:10 AM
      Welcome to day 2 10m
      Speaker: Steve Peggs
    • 9:10 AM 9:30 AM
      X-rays and Neutrons: why we need both 20m
      Speaker: Ian Anderson
    • 9:30 AM 9:50 AM
      ESS Construction project: Input and decisions needed in 2011 for planning 20m
      Speaker: Johan Brisfors
    • 9:50 AM 10:10 AM
      ESS upgrades 20m
      Speaker: Romuald Duperrier
    • 10:10 AM 10:30 AM
      Fabrication of SPL β=1 cavities at CERN 20m
      Speaker: Nuria Valverde Alonso
    • 10:30 AM 10:50 AM
      COFFEE BREAK 20m
    • 10:50 AM 11:10 AM
      LLRF Control Simulations for SPL Cavities 20m
      Speaker: Matias Hernandez Flano
      MATLAB files
    • 11:10 AM 11:30 AM
      SPL Short Cryomodule status 20m
      Speaker: Rossana Bonomi
    • 11:30 AM 12:00 PM
      Discussion 30m
    • 12:00 PM 12:20 PM
      DMSC services 20m
      Speaker: Stig Skelboe
    • 12:20 PM 12:40 PM
      Closeout 20m
      Speaker: Dr Mats Lindroos (ESS AB)
    • 12:40 PM 1:45 PM
      LUNCH at Kulturen 1h 5m