Joint ESS ILL User Meeting

Lund, Sweden

Lund, Sweden


User meeting group photo

Welcome to the third ESS ILL User Meeting

In 2018, ILL and ESS hosted the first European Users Meeting in Grenoble. This successful meeting provided the opportunity to review the achievements of the user community, present the current status of ILL and ESS and, most importantly, to look forward to the scientific opportunities ahead for neutron science. In 2020 the meeting was remote and it is exciting to prepare a fully in person meeting in Lund, 2022.

The future of neutron scattering is bright, and requires both facilities and the user community to take a proactive and strategic approach to navigating and managing the changing availability of neutron instruments in a holistic way, in order to ensure the sustainability and vitality of this important research technique.

Europe’s two multinational neutron facilities, warmly invite you to the ESS and ILL European Users Meeting.